Commission Policies

Price tiers for Custom artwork are as follows:

$15 For a custom pencil sketch digitally created. 

$20 For a custom pencil sketch created in real media on 8x10 paper and shipped. 4.95 shipping

$25 for a digitally Inked piece.

$30 for a simply inked 8x10 Original in Real media shipped (4.95 shipping)

$50 For a one figure simple background Digitally colored piece +10 for each additional figure*

$60 For a one figure simple background Traditional colored in greyscale piece on 8x10 paper. shipped, 4.95 shipping. +$10 for each additional figure*. 

$75 for a single figure and complicated background Digitally colored. +10 for each additional figure. *

$100  for a single figure and complicated background traditionally colored on 8x10 Paper. +10 for each additional figure. *

For any additional sizes please contact the artist. 

*up to one small item such as a pet cat or plushie is allowed in the base price. However, a large dog or bigger gets counted as a figure. 


The Artist retains the right to refuse any piece they feel uncomfortable with. This includes but is not limited to Hateful depictions, Anything Racist, Sexual situations involving minors, violence against animals or children.